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2006, vol. 17, no. 1 - SUMMARY



Topic: A Report on the Construction of Three Libraries

Zdeněk A. Tichý: A Report on the Construction of Three Libraries

The report deals with a topical theme, which is a construction of new libraries in the Czech Republic, and will introduce a total of three large projects. The building of the Study and Research Library in Hradec Králové has already made most progress, whereas the National Library of Technology, Prague has been through only the initial weeks of construction work. Its project is exceptional by, among other things, its joining the collections of four libraries in one building: the State Technical Library, the Library of the Czech Technical University, the Central Library of the Institute of Chemical Technology and a branch of the Municipal Library of Prague. The design of the Library of the City of Hradec Králové is only being drafted on drawing boards – in this case, however, a former factory will be reconstructed for library purposes. The report also briefly looks back on the history of all three libraries and recapitulates the reasons why it is necessary to acquire new premises for them. Also the projects themselves of the future libraries are introduced here and the text is accompanied by rich pictorial documentation.

architect, architectonic tender, depository, library stock units, the Library of the City of Hradec Králové, the National Library of Technology, the State Technical Library, the Study and Research Library.


Zdeněk A. Tichý: The Establishment of the National Technical Library

Zdeněk A. Tichý: Transformations of the Study and Research Library in Hradec Králové

Zdeněk A. Tichý: A Factory Will Be Transformed into a Library in Hradec Králové


Petr F. Bílek – Zdeněk A. Tichý – Zdeněk A. The Library as a Modern Cathedral

The National Library of the Czech Republic announced in May 2006 an international architectonic project competition for the design of the building which should be built in Prague at the end of Letenská pláň. What the new library is going to look like will be decided by a jury of eight members. One of the jurors is the architect Petr Bílek, who in an interview for the periodical Knihovna (Library) explains i.a. wherein lies the rareness of such a competition, what he thinks of the site selected for the building and how a modern library can change the perception of architecture not only in Prague itself.

Architect, architecture, Letná, international jury, the National Library, competition.

Jiří Neuvirt: A Universal Drying Chamber Saving Rare Prints


After the floods of 2002, it became evident that here was no equipment in the Czech Republic in which it would be possible to dry a large number of historically or artistically valuable objects, documents, books, etc., because each material requires specifi c conditions when being dried which will ensure that its damage will be reduced to a minimum. Therefore, a team of specialists designed a prototype of a universal drying chamber, which was put into operation after its final inspection in August 2006. The article describes possibilities of this unique equipment, its construction and installation as well as its operation itself (three different drying methods can be used in the chamber) and neither does it lack an assessment of the high demands of the whole process on energy. Last but not least, it also deals with the impact of drying methods on the structure of paper and books.

Climate control for books, books, controlled atmosphere, drying chamber, drying methods, structure, vacuum drying, humidity, water, dry-freezer, lyophilisation unit.


Lukáš Babka: A Bibliography of Czech/Czechoslovak History 1918–2004
Václav Bartůšek: Books at the Court of the Family Rožmberk


Hana Novotná: Library consortia in the world

The contribution is meant as an introduction to library cooperation through library consortia in the world. The attention is paid mainly to specification of basic terms, to relation between the term „library consortium“ and „library network“ and to differences in notion of library consortia in the USA and Europe and to their development. Library consortia in the world, mainly in the USA, have broader goals then we are used to in our country. In addition to enabling an access to electronic information sources they offer to member libraries building of union catalogues and their operation, coordinated library collection development, life-long education of librarians, support of digitization and building digital libraries and a wide offer of further services hidden under the term „sharing sources“. There are different types of library consortia in the world which can have various structures, managment and financing, as well as goals and programmes. Consortia in the world are dividend into several principal groups. Primary contributions of consortia for library practice are emphasised.

Key words:
Library consortia, library network, sharing sources, digitization, digital libraries, automation, computerized library systems.



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